Recycled Art Prize – SWAP

Recycled Art Prize – SWAP

Gregorys Butterfly Collection











In 2017 Martin Watson entered the Ryde Council’s ‘SWAP’ Sustainable Waste Art Prize. All artworks are made from recycled materials. The exhibition’s focus is on, ‘the creative use of waste materials to make art, creating a better quality object or one of higher environmental value’. The exhibition is at the See Street Gallery in Meadowbank during September/October.

Martin Watson entered the 2017 SWAP prize with Gregory’s Butterfly Collection, a series of butterfly artworks made from Gregory’s street maps, Compact Discs and CD cases. The butterfly’s sparkle with the original CDs still inside each case.






Gregory’s Butterfly Collection

“I thought this would be a good way to use old CD cases. Fishing line supports the standing frame and when closed will hang from the wall. The butterflies represent rebirth. The wing formations help to reveal the jewel like colours of the maps.”

Martin Watson, 2017

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