Shack Life – A Group Exhibition

Shack Life – A Group Exhibition

Far left, ‘Hal's Shack Interior’ by Martin Watson
Shack Life Exhibition Opening, Hazelhurst Gallery 22 April 2017. Far left, ‘Hal’s Shack Interior’ by Martin Watson

We were lucky to attend the ‘Shack Life’ exhibition opening at Hazelhurst Gallery on Saturday 22nd April 2017. The show was a great success, packed with people, great artworks and photos in and of the Shacks. This wonderful exhibition was curated by Lucy O’Doherty and included works from Reg Mombassa, Lucy O’Doherty, Max Dupain, Hal Missingham, Martin Watson and other artists. It was a real tribute to the shack communities of the Royal National Park. The exhibition continues until 2 May 2017 for anyone who’s in the neighbourhood, check it out.

Photos from the Shack Life exhibition:

Shack Life Exhibition
Shack Life Exhibition
Hal's Shack Interior
Hal’s Shack Interior

Martin’s work in the Shack Life show includes ‘Hal’s Shack Interior’ (pictured left) and ‘Hal’s Shack’ another artwork on this website in the ‘2017’ gallery . The exhibition is a mix of established artists and members of the shack communities of the Royal National Park, see invite below.

invite shack life


Elizabeth Farrelly spoke at the Shack Life Exhibition (22 April 2017), below her article from the show featured in The Sydney Morning Herald, April 21st 2017:


Another article from The Sydney Morning Herald from April 24th 2017, also about shack life at Little Garie, Era and Burning Palms, about Reg Mombassa and Lucy O’Doherty’s shack and the exhibition:

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